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The 英语 department believes that the 能力 to think, 读, write through both 至关重要的 and creative lenses is vital for success. The progression of our curriculum is designed to introduce and develop these skills in a manner that aligns with the intellectual and emotional growth of boys during their teenage years. 网赌正规平台网址的目标是让学生, 从十大正规网赌网址毕业, 拥有在他们教育的下一章以及在课堂之外的世界中取得成功所需的工具. 

All courses include continual practice in writing, 强调说明性文章以及创造性和个人写作的机会. Vocabulary development is stressed throughout the program.

大学先修课程英语语言和写作课程适用于符合资格的五年级学生, 而特殊的中六学生则可申请先修课程文学及写作. The 英语 Department also offers honors sections at each form level, which motivated and capable students may apply to take.


十大正规网赌网址的学术生活是激励人心的. The teachers, coaches, mentors at 索尔斯堡 are exceptional. They bring passion and expertise into their intimate classroom settings. 协作, 创新, 解决问题, 创造力, 公民责任只是指导十大正规网赌网址教育模式的一些原则. 最重要的是, 这些男人和女人每天都和你在一起,并且总是抱着最高的期望. 
学术生活学院院长Sarah Mulrooney

A Glimpse At Just Two Of Our 英语 Offerings:


 本课程探讨嘻哈音乐作为一种音乐和诗歌流派的发展. 在怀孕的前半个月, students will learn the roots of hip-hop including: slave spirituals, 爵士乐, 和福音. 在学习流派的演变过程中, 学生们将更好地理解自1976年嘻哈音乐诞生以来可见的隐喻. 在妊娠的后半段, 学生将对有效的嘻哈音乐的正式构成有更好的理解. 通过对名家的研究, 理解将在他们选择的主题的诗歌的最终创作和表演中达到高潮. Through careful study and exploration of text, 学生将发展和使用传统的诗歌和分析工具. 


本课程将探讨十大正规网赌网址学院的核心价值观之一——兄弟情谊的主题. 做兄弟意味着什么? What are the characteristics of a fraternal relationship? 家族性兄弟(血缘关系)与隐喻性兄弟(亲密关系或联系关系)之间有什么区别吗?? Students will be responsible on a daily basis for generating discussion topics and analysis of literature that features brothers who have to navigate a shifting and sometimes complex dynamic. 他们将经常写作,并负责一篇文学批评研究论文.

主要课程作品/作者: 兄弟连在Cacciato丧钟为谁而鸣当我弥留之际.