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在十大正规网赌网址, our 艺术 courses provide a place for you to unearth your creative potential and give voice to big ideas. In a warm and welcoming environment, our curriculum explores technique and skill building, theoretical and hands-on activity, and artistic ways to problem solve. Our department offers both the inquisitive beginner and the seasoned artist an elective that is customized to your interests. More than just a creative outlet, our lessons in art literacy encourage you to consider the broader implications of art in today's society.

In addition to the studio courses offered during the academic day in both the fine arts and music, we provide time for extracurricular participation in drama, music lessons and ensembles. The Ruger Fine 艺术 Center and Field 音乐 Center are accessible twenty-four hours a day and you are encouraged to take advantage of our state-of-the-art facilities during free periods.


艺术 & 音乐 Offerings 在十大正规网赌网址:

The academic life at 索尔斯堡 is motivating. The teachers, coaches, and mentors at 索尔斯堡 are exceptional. They bring passion and expertise into their intimate classroom settings. 协作, 创新, 解决问题, 创造力, and civic responsibility are just some of the principles that guide 索尔斯堡 School’s educational model. Most importantly, these men and women partner with you each day and always with the highest expectations. 
Dean of Academic Life Sarah Mulrooney

A Glimpse At Just Two Of Our 艺术 Offerings:


Introduction to Digital Photography is an introduction to all aspects of contemporary photography. Students will develop a working knowledge of the Canon DSLR cameras that we have in studio. They will be required to use Adobe Bridge and Photoshop to archive and manipulate their images. They will also explore how their iPhones and Android cameras can be used to produce professional quality imagery. We will be using our large format printer to produce 档案, gallery quality prints and posters. Projects that we will be working on include the following: Black and White with a Splash of Color, Digital Collage and Painting, 三张相联, 专辑封面, 夜晚的天空, Sports Photography and a Final Portfolio.

Check out our latest student work by
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This is an “all-in” group collaborative effort to create a larger-than-life cardboard installation (yet to be determined) for the Annual Fall Scarecrow Contest in downtown 索尔斯堡. With cardboard as the primary medium, students will learn how to make giant dimensional figures, from the first 设计 conception to the final installation. Using their newly acquired skills, students can then follow this project with a final cardboard 3-D creation of their own choosing.

Beginners welcome!